Firework displays for your wedding...

A stunning firework display can provide a memorable and fitting finale to your very special day.

Generally a 5-7 minute show is ideal, but each wedding display will be individually designed to suit the venue and to meet any particular requirements of the bride and groom.

The firework company should ask you if you have any special requirements, such as favourite colours - many brides want their fireworks display to be keeping with their chosen colour scheme for their wedding. Fireworks companies can also create "Lancework Structures" which are basically in the form of hearts with the Bride and Grooms initials in the centre, and burn for about a minute.

You should expect contact from your chosen display company about a week before your event confirming all is well. Generally there is no need for you to meet with the display team on the day unless you want to, as any problems can be dealt with directly with the venue by the team.

The display company will arrange with the venue the time they will be on site to set up the display. The set up time will range from between an hour to anything up to 5-6 hours depending on the site, the size of the budget, access to the firing area etc.

On the day the display company should be able to turn up to your venue and be able to set up unaided. If any problems are encountered, then these can normally be dealt with between the display company and the venue.

This means you can enjoy your special day and look forward to a spectacular ending to your wedding day.

Firework Facts
The Chinese are generally credited to the discovery of gunpowder and subsequent invention of fireworks. Evidence suggests that war rockets were made in China in the 6th Century. This practice then spread to Arabia in the 7th Century, where these rockets were known as 'Chinese arrows'. A Chinese document dated around 1040 showed how to wrap gunpowder in paper to make a 'fire pill'. This small firecracker made a very loud bang, which was believed to scare off evil spirits.